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Maha Koala is focused on making progressive moves in every chapter of life. This core drive has allowed the organization to thrive in an innovative business & technology landscape.

Startups and forward-thinking companies tend to like this energy.

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What do we do?

Our Services

Maha Koala provides Web 3.0 based services (think Web Design, Web Development, and Integration/Automation) with the Internet of Things (IoT) Devices. With every successful project delivered, we appreciate it when our clients commend us for the use of innovative and sustainable technology. We typically like to follow a structured product/service delivery approach tailored to your needs.


Initiation & Integration

The very first impression usually sets the tone of any project contracted. We execute well on this during our initiation, understanding, and comprehension phase of the project.

What is the problem or challenge that we need to understand?


Design & Development

Every project’s meat and bones require us to outline your requirements and identify the appropriate implementation approach. We execute well on this after determining the project scope agreed on.

We take iterative design & development very seriously.


Deploy & Close

After a round of quality assurance, we prepare our deployment approach with you to execute on a successful project close. We will also ensure a brief review of project compliance for your business.

At every project close, we learn from our mistakes and success to further improve our services.


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Clear Pricing

We like to get clear and straight to the point. You want XYZ done at 123 cost.
Let’s outline the rates and retained skill for our standard project plans.

Brief Consultation

We focus on the problem, tackle the requirement and propose the simplest approach. We even cover quick fixes.

$ 88

  • Quick Email & Call Follow-up
  • Simple Proposal
  • Easy Payment Plan
  • Contract Priority
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Project Retainer

You get a written contract, straightforward rates, and a comprehensive service level agreement for your project.

$ >

  • Dedicated Project Time
  • Client Management Portal
  • Documented Approach
  • Contract Priority
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